Frequently Asked Questions

You can request a ride on BetterDrive by downloading the app from your Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Sign up or Register on the app with your mobile number which gets verified, then you can immediately request a ride.

The fare consists of the following elements:

  1. A fixed starting price
  2. Kilometre rate (prices vary according to the applicable local tariff and in some areas, the rate differs depending on the distance travelled)
  3. Waiting time (price per hour)

Note: The ride type is influenced by the ride type.

Yes, you can schedule a ride for later by using our schedule ride feature, which allows you to book a ride for a later time and date. You can also schedule a one-way trip, and/or a return trip using our schedule ride feature.

Yes you can cancel a ride/trip if your plans change. You will only be charged for the trip if the journey has started.

Yes, you can pay for your ride/trip with cash, your debit card or even your in-app wallet.

Note: The charge is influenced by the ride type

If you require immediate assistance or need to cancel a ride contact us or  customer care 

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