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You’re on the road to success, Apply to drive and Earn good money with your vehicle!

Why Drive with Us

Drive with BetterDrive

  • Earn anytime, anywhere and earn extra income.
  • Safety behind the wheel
  • Set your own schedule- Only drive when it works for you.
  • Our technology enables us to focus on driver & rider trip.
  • No risk, you only pay when you earn
24/7 Live Support
We love our drivers, which is why we provide 24/7 support.
Unexpected vehicle concerns? Head on over to our local service technicians!
Well maintained vehicles are better for the customer and the driver.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can use BetterDrive at whatever time you want. BetterDrive provides you with an alternative source of income, and allows you to work with your own schedule and at your own convenience.

BetterDrive charges a 10% service fee on each ride.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to sign up as a driver on BetterDrive.

For effective use of BetterDrive, our drivers are advised to own a budget smartphone.

Your Passport Photograph, Car documents and driver’s license, and others. Also for car Inspection Read BetterDrive requirements for different classes of vehicle

Drivers can withdraw their income from their BetterDrive Wallet at the end of the week.

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